• North Goa Vlog
    Goa,  India

    Best Beaches in North Goa – Beyond Calangute Baga

    Goa is the smallest state in India. It has some of the most beautiful, famous & Best Beaches in North Goa. Apart from beaches, it is also famous for parties, seafood, old Portuguese architecture, churches, waterfalls, casinos, street shopping and a lot more. It is vacation choice both for Indians and foreigners. If you are looking for fun and crowd or you are looking for relaxing quiet vacation, Goa has something to offer to each type of choice.

  • Greece

    Santorini Greece Holidays Guide – Best Islands to visit in Greece

    Mystique Santorini is a Greek island famous for its dazzling white washed houses with extremely pretty alleyways, gorgeous view of a lagoon formed by Caldera submerged in Aegean Sea and for its unique geological features. A caldera is a volcanic feature formed by the collapse of a volcano into itself, making it a large, special form of volcanic crater (definition by ScienceDaily). There is something mysterious and purely romantic about Santorini that makes it so attractive that no one can avoid falling in love with the magnificent view of the submerged caldera and the island itself.

  • Enjoying morning at Mykonos Downtown - Little Venice Veiw

    Greece Mykonos Nightlife Guide – Paradise Beach Mykonos Party Guide

    The stunning islands of Mykonos is in Aegean Sea, somewhere in between Athens and Santorini Island. The island will lure you for Mykonos holidays with incredible beaches, crazy beach parties, luxury hotels, old iconic windmills, lighthouse, traditional houses and churches of Ano Mera, pretty alleyways and some captivating cafes and restaurants. Though Mykonos is famous for paradise beach mykonos party. The color of the sea varies from green and turquoise in the beach areas in southern part to calm blue color towards the lighthouse area in the north. Mykonos is an amazing island with endless choices and I believe each person can explore it as per the activities of their preferences to make it perfect destination for their Greece holidays.

  • Mumbai Getaways

    Pawna Lake – Place to Visit in Lonavala – Weekend Getaways near Lonavala

    Pawna lake is one of our favourite places to visit in Mumbai weekend trips. As we have mentioned in other posts about Mulshi lake which is also our post on weekend getaways from Mumbai, we love to check water bodies nearby to city in google map and drive along it. Sometimes just the view is good and other times, other times you might end up find the perfect getaway destination to chill in the lake water.

  • Mumbai Getaways

    Mulshi Lake to Lavasa City guide – Travel Guide to Lavasa

    All of us love beaches, lakes and pools. We are no exception. So basically, when we are not travelling to exotic locations, we try to look in the map for small water bodies around the city for relaxing getaways near Mumbai. Not necessarily every time it turns out to be a pleasant one. But often, we made our way to some lesser popular yet amazing budget trips from Mumbai.

  • Posing at beach after shore line deceded
    Andaman & Nicobar Islands

    Havelock & Neil Island Guide – Andaman Islands

    Basically, there are two very important points while visiting Havelock & Neil Island in Andamans. Number one, Andamans might not be the most luxurious islands as the resources are less in the islands and there are logistical challenges in procuring the best amenities. Secondly, the high tide and low tide play extremely significant roles in making a beach full of water and enjoyable or pushing the shoreline far back leaving with dead corals and patches of water. Read about our favorite Long Island in Andamans. We also explored Radha Nagar, Kala Pathar, Goving Nagar, Vijay Nagar beaches in Havelock island and Sitapur, Laxmanpur, Bharatput beaches in Neil Island.

  • Greece Itinerary
    Greece,  Travel Guide

    One Week in Greek Islands – Best Greece Holidays

    We chose the specific locations for Greece holidays. And we were looking for best islands to visit in Greece so booked our flights accordingly. Though we had many flights via Athens, we did not really explore Athens in true sense. Our places of interest were Santorini island, Mykonos island and Vikos gorge in Zagoria.

    One Week Greece Holidays Itinerary:

    India to Istanbul to Athens to Santorini → Santorini to Ioannina → Ioannina to Mykonos → Mykonos to India via Athens

  • View of Bue Mosque from a beautiful roof top cafe

    Istanbul Holidays Guide – What to see in Istanbul?

    Thinking about Istanbul holidays, do you think it is the city of beautiful mosques and any single culture? Well, Istanbul is truly a charming city and there are lot of things to do in Istanbul. Bosporus bay right in the heart of the city and its cruise facilities, authentic hammams, very lively and glamorous Taksim Square and some amazing cafés and restaurants which are almost everywhere in the city. Istanbul is true blend of Western and Eastern cultures with Bosphorus bay separating the city into European side and Asian side. The tourism is concentrated on the European side mainly.

  • Lunch at Blue Planet Long Island
    Andaman & Nicobar Islands

    Lalaji Bay Beach Long Island – Secret places to visit in Andaman

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands in India attract lots of tourists every year. While Port Blair, Havelock island, Neil island and adjoining mini islands are the most commonly visited ones, the middle and northern Andamans still remain quite unexplored. That is the reason we chose to visit Long Island to visit the beautiful Lalaji beach and Mark Bay beach. If ever time permits we will definitely come back and explore more of the northern islands. It was paradise on earth in its true sense.